No-Cost Energy Upgrades for Income-Qualified Connecticut Homeowners and Renters

If you meet income requirements, you may qualify for FREE valuable home weatherization services. Sign up now to enjoy greater year-round comfort and lower energy costs.

Is your home drafty and cold in the winter? Does it need more insulation? Do your energy bills feel overwhelming? We can help.

If your family’s combined gross annual income is below the state’s 60 percent income median (see the “Who is eligible” section below), you may qualify for no-cost energy-saving services. A technician certified by the Building Performance Institute will come to your home and make energy-saving improvements to reduce drafts and help you save on your lighting and hot water bills.

If your home qualifies for additional services such as insulation or a more energy-efficient refrigerator, they will arrange for contractors to come back to your home and do the work. Depending on your circumstances, you may receive these services at no cost.

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