p.11Commercial Building Engineers have been keeping a dirty little secret for decades – their building’s ventilation shafts leak…badly. According to recent studies, 80% or more of today’s commercial buildings have ventilation ducts that are so riddled with leaks that proper ventilation is virtually impossible.

The reason this has been kept a secret for so long is the fact that there simply hasn’t been an efficient, cost-effective solution to the problem. Short of conducting major demolition to access the ventilation shafts, reaching and sealing the leaks has been an impossible task. So the problem has been kept a secret.

That is until now.

For the last several years, homeowners have found aeroseal duct sealing to be the single most effective thing they can do to reduce energy waste and improve indoor comfort. As it turns out, however, that is just one of the technology’s ground breaking uses.

On the commercial side of the industry, HVAC professionals are finding aeroseal technology to be the long sought-after solution to poor ventilation. Aeroseal’s unique “inside out” approach to sealing is making it possible to easily and cost-effectively reach and seal ventilation leaks without having to tear into walls or disrupt the existing building structure. As a result, hundreds of buildings across the country are now undergoing ventilation repair and hundreds of thousands of tenants are enjoying the benefits that proper ventilation affords.

The game-changing nature of this sealing innovation is so profound that its use in ventilation repair is being recognized this January at the biggest industry tradeshow in the U.S. We just learned that a panel of ASHRAE members judged aeroseal technology to be the top Innovation Award winner for ventilation at this year’s 2016 AHR Expo.

If you’re an industry professional planning to attend the AHR Expo, let us know and we’ll make sure you get an invitation to the award ceremony. And if you’re an engineer or building owner looking to improve the ventilation of your building, let us show you how it can be done quickly and cost-effectively.





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